Here is a guide to the music that appears in the movie:

Chip Taylor

  "Bibbity Boo" - opening credits

  "I Ain't Leaving Without You" - 1st flashback

  "Little Darts" - last flashback

  "One More Lousy Picture Show" - 2nd end credits song

  All songs written & performed by Chip Taylor. "I Ain't Leaving Without You" is from the "The London Sessions Bootleg" album, and the remaining songs are from "Unglorious Hallelujah." Both are available on his website

Andy Wagner

  "The Valley" - Cody's funeral hymn

  "Everything I Need" - 1st end credits song

  "The Valley" is written by Andy Wagner and Patrick Wang and performed by Andy Wagner. "Everything I Need" is written and performed by Andy Wagner and from his album "Departures," available on iTunes and his website